Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the ruling council of undead Las Vegas. It is composed of the various Lords of the casinos. While theoretically, the body is democratic and all members have equal power, this is of course hradly the case, and there are junior and senior members as well as intrigue and copious backstabbing.

The council is headed by the Chairman, though it is by current circumstance a figurehead position. Don Salvatore Luciano, the original Prince of Las Vegas, currently holds the position and claims the title of Prince, though the Lords of the Strip consider him outdated and below them in power, the Lord of Freemont Street or the Lord of Downtown at most.

The board is mostly composed of Invictus, with few Sanctified and Carthians and a lone member of the Ordo Dracul. As the Circle is banned in the city, none of the board have any connection to them (that can be traced back to them, anyways).

The board meets in the not-so-subtley-named Elysium Club.

Current Board Members

Board of Directors

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