Easy-rider biker and veteran.


Gabe served in the last days of Vietnam and was turned while living on the streets of San Fransisco after being discharged. At some point more recently, he made the dangerous trek from San Fransisco to Las Vegas and now is a part of the Desert Choppers crew with Davey and Sandi.

Gabe appears to be in his late 20’s. His light brown hair is shaved high and tight, but he also sports a long horseshoe mustache. He has instricate tattoos of dragons coiled around his forearms. Gabe is usually in threadbare jeans, cowboy boots, a cutoff flannel shirt, and a leather motorcycle jacket with a large ‘POW-MIA’ patch on the back and ‘Desert Choppers’ embroidered on it. He rides a modified Harley with tall ape-hanger handlebars and Blinkers sitting behind him.


What Happens in Vegas... TJP