Don Salvatore Luciano

Prince of Las Vegas and Lord of Freemont.


Don Luciano came to Las Vegas with the mob, and has been Prince of Las Vegas since the 1960’s. He’s a devout member of the Lancea Sanctum and believes that the excesses of Sin City allow the Kindred to wreak God’s vengeance on those that truly deserve it. His control of the city has been diluted with the rise of the Las Vegas Strip mega-casinos and the power of the Lords who control them – while he still considers himself Prince, the others treat him more as just the Lord of Downtown.

The Don appears to be in his twenties, quite heavy (though whether he looks well-fed or like a bloated corpse depends on if he is putting on the Blush of Life). He dresses cleanly in well-pressed, expensive silk suits and is never out without a hat. He wears understated gold jewelry, including several thick but unadorned rings and a gold cross with a fanged skull on a chain around his neck.


Don Salvatore Luciano

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